Evan Brown

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC – It’s the home of our school’s most beloved person, Lisa Whitfield. It holds the hearts of every student. It is a safe haven for every man women and child who goes to our school. It is the media bay.

But is our beloved media bay changing forever? Will this change leave a hole in our heart that we will fruitlessly try to fill with physical things? This article will tell you just that. (Unless I get distracted and talk about pigeons or something.)

The media bay has been a staple of my LMC experience since the moment I stepped into the school. This is primarily because Mrs. Whit had to unlock the door to let me into the building, but all that aside, I love the media bay.

My sophomore year, I took an online class in the media bay and, if I’m being honest it was the only class I semi enjoyed. When I recently went reentered that beloved room, I was shocked to my core when I saw the changes that had been made.

Below is my interview with Lisa Whitfield on the changes, their effects and the Media Bay in general.


  1. Q. So, you’ve made some recent decroational changes in here. What sparked this decision?
  2.  The chairs were gross. In fact, on a scale of 1-10, the chairs were gross. I would even go as far as calling them yucky. Yeah, you heard me, yucky.
  3. What about the media bay do you think attracts students?
  4.  Not the gross chairs, that’s for sure. Probably because it’s a relaxed environment where students can feel free to work independently. You know? I just want kids to learn in here, but not hate the process.
  5. Do you think that these redecorations affect this in any way?
  6. A. You mean the new chairs? Well, they used to be gross and now they’re not gross. So, that I guess. Seriously, those old chairs were terrible. Honestly, I would really like new comfy chairs instead of these new hard chairs. But anything beats the old ones, because they were gross. Have I mentioned how gross the old chairs were?
  7. What further changes do you plan on making, if any?
  8.  Make the whole thing underwater and everybody has to wear a scuba suit. Also, it would be nice to have my wall painted.
  9. And finally, what’s up with pigeons? They are weird.
  10.  Pigeons are awesome and anybody who says otherwise is wrong.

Well, there you have it. Mrs. Whit is sending a message. She wants new comfy chairs and she will do whatever it takes to get them. So, people who don’t want new comfy chairs, you better watch out.

In conclusion, the good ol’ media bay that you have grown to know and love is sticking around. Folks, it about that time again. It’s almost time for me to say goodbye with my classic, perhaps even iconic, catchphrase. Here it is: Good day, good night, good food , and A Good Day to Die Hard. I love you – Evan