Nathan Janson

LMCHS – There is a new face in the LMC family that you may have seen as your teacher or just around the school. This is Mrs. Zeebell and she is the new biology, psychology, and anatomy teacher.

Zeebell is originally from Niles where she grew up, though she is now living in St. Joseph. She has three kids at home, at the ages of two, three, and five.

Some of her favorite things to do include spending time outdoors and going to the lake with her family. She also loves insects, reading fantasy novels, and even riding motorcycles with her kids.

Previous to this, Zeebell worked as an environmental scientist, where she did things such as ground and water tests. When Mr. Heath, the principal of LMC high school, saw her resume she really stood out.

“She has a bachelor’s degree in biology, she had excellent recommendations from her coworkers, and she has lots of outside experience.”

Heath had high expectations for Zeebell due to her outstanding resume and so far Heath is happy with what he has seen, even though she has never taught before.

“She adapts well (to) the situation (and is) good with student engagement.”

Heath was also very pleased to see how passionate she is about her work. All in all, she has all the traits Heath looks for in a teacher.

So far Mrs. Zeebell has also made a great impression on the students. Sophomore Max Allen, is excited to have Mrs. Zeebell as his knew psychology.

“Mrs. Zeebell definitely knows her stuff; she’s actually like teaching”

Zeebell is another great addition to the LMC family and it seems safe to say that everyone is glad that she is here.