Melanie Kibler

JOSEPH, MI – Every Day is a movie directed by Michael Sucsy, about what it is truly like to be human.  The movie is based off a book with the same name by David Levithan.

The movie focuses on the life of two characters, Rhiannon (Angourie Rice) and A.  Rhiannon is an average girl who has an unhappy relationship with her boyfriend.  A is a person who switches bodies everyday.

A is not able to pick which body that they wake up in the next day.  The bodies can be male or female, but they are always the same age.  

A always lives its life for the person who it is in that day, never changing their actions.  All that changes the day that it wakes up as Justin (Justice Smith), Rhiannon’s boyfriend.  A realized that it has fallen in love with this girl and tries to find ways to be with her.

At first it doesn’t tell her that they are all the different people who have been visiting her.  Then they decide that it would be for the best if they said something.  At first Rhiannon doesn’t believe it, but soon they realize that A is telling the truth.

It begins to fall in love, but there is one huge problem with their relationship.  A is always a different body each day.  It is a truly remarkable movie that involves great characters, an amazing story, and sheds some light on what makes us truly human.

This movie was fabulous and rates a 4.765 on the Kibby Movie Scale.  There were a lot of great actors and the story was amazing but there were some parts that could have been better.

The biggest problem with this movie is the fact that there were obvious contradictions to the book that came first.  If you read the book, do not expect the movie to follow it to a tee.  The producers change some of A’s personality, and they completely skip over a big part of the book.

The actors of the movie were great.  It takes skill to have ten different people portraying the same person.  Also Angourie Rice (Rhiannon) really showed amazing emotion when it was called for.  

This is a phenomenal romance movie and everyone should go see it if they have the chance.