Caroline McLoughlin

Lake Michigan Catholic- Friday, the 16th of February, the eighth graders got a special look at the High school.

The day started off with a club fair, showcasing all of the clubs in the High school for the eighth graders to see. Mrs. Sullivan, the admissions director, setup much of the step up day including the club fair.

“It was an opportunity for them to get to know what the clubs are and what they do. Students should be informed in what they want to be involved in.”

When the club fair was done, the entire school went over to the church for the Stations of the Cross. From there, the eighth grade students went upstairs with the high schoolers to Mrs. Simmons’ public speaking class and Mrs. Nuter’s College Chemistry class.

In these classes, the high schoolers did some fun activities with the two groups of students. In Public Speaking the eighth graders got to participate in some speech warm up games hosted by Senior Anna LaSata.

While one group was in the public speaking class, the other was with the college chemistry students doing a flame test lab. In this lab the eighth graders got to take a look at what older students get to do in their labs, like experiment with fire.

After their second hour upstairs adventure, the students went back to their regular schedules until the high schools fifth hour. Because the Middle school has art and band already, the eighth graders looked into the Journalism and Yearbook classes.

For Mr. Schmidt’s Journalism class, the students got to take a look at what the high school students do in the class everyday. They also got the chance to be apart of the famed website’s student news show LMC Live!

For Mrs. Simmons’ Yearbook class, the eighth graders got to take a sneak peak at this year’s yearbook, while yearbook editor Jared Hannapel explained a bit on how they make the pages for yearbook.

With the end of the high school’s fifth hour came, the end of the eighth graders day upstairs did too. They returned to their normal schedules and went throughout the rest of their day.

Mrs. Sullivan further explained why she wanted the eighth grade to experience the high school, its teachers, students, and freedoms.

“Our school is small, but the opportunities are huge and plentiful.”

In sum, the eighth grade Lakers got to take a premium look at what the LMC high school is so that they are ready and prepared for next year.