LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- Mr. Heath has recently made a huge change to the way that each individual student council will be run. He has decided to combine all the student councils to make one huge school council.  

The school council is basically like a council that will make it easier for the upperclassmen to mentor the lower classmen and help mentor them in planning events, such as Homecoming and Winterfest.  They will be the voice for the rest of the students when it comes to making changes, such as to the student handbook and get the students’ point of views on upcoming events.

¨The students on the council will have to take ownership of what they are doing and what role they play on the council,¨ said Mr. Heath.  

There will still be an individual aspect to it and the money that each class had raised throughout the years will be kept for each of the individual classes.  There have been times when all the councils were trying to do the same thing, like fighting for the same fundraisers and running to Mr. Heath for questions and advice and the new school council will help solve this problem.  

The seniors and juniors will help mentor the sophomores and freshman and it will be a way to bring the classes to come and work together.  

¨One of the first things  I´m going to have Mrs. Simmons do is teach the students the Robert Rules of order for their meetings.  I think it will build leadership, student voice, and the student council will come together to work as a team. If we want the school to be better they will play a huge part in it and be welcoming to new students and not just when they walk in the door.¨ said Mr. Heath.  

This change of student government will have a huge impact on the school, and especially those students who are on the council.

¨I think it will be good for the underclassmen to know more about what is going on in the school and it will help there be more of a say in what is going on.  With more people it will be a better representation of the entire school instead of such a small group of people for each class,¨ said Senior Class President Katie Sullivan.  

People will eventually see how the school council will be run even though it will be a work in progress.  In the near future, the students will eventually learn and take over the council themselves.  

It needs to be about the students and not the teachers, because LMC is represented by the students that go to the school.  

¨I don’t know if it will help the school and I don’t think the students will have an input in the student handbook, but I think things will be a little bit more coordinated and the freshmen will be able to ask the seniors what they want for their senior breakfast,¨ said freshmen ambassador Matt Warner.
Mr. Heath will expect the students on the council to step up, take charge, and think for the greater good of their class and school.  The students’ voices is what LMC is all about, and if they work hard, they can make the school a better place for everyone.