Jack Janson

  1. JOSEPH- This past week temperatures dropped and snow began to melt. Along with that came rain showers that piled onto the soaked ground.

The St. Joseph river is at an all time high affecting many residents of homes near the river. Many people have been forced to evacuate their homes and been others are left with flooded basements and backyards.

Freshman at LMC, Matthew Dwan said, “I live by the river and I am afraid that the flooding in my backyard will ruin my garden.” Matthew is just one of several residents who fears the flooding.

The river does not only affect homes, however, it has also left parks and golf courses unrecognizable. The picture to the right is of Berrien Hills Country Club where the water is up way farther than ever before.

Other places such as Riverview Park have also become changed so much by the water level.

The reason the Berrien County area experienced the most flooding along the St. Joseph river is because all of the rain and snow melt, beginning at Elkhart, and flowing east through South Bend has collected and flowed down the river reaching the final destination being St. Joseph. That is the same reason why many people began to notice how high the river was about a day after all of the rain had stopped.

Now that the rain has stopped, and there is no more snow, the water levels should decrease and allow people to settle back into their homes.

However, due to Lake Michigan being higher than usual in the past three years the river flows much slower into the lake. This means that the water in the river will stay high longer than it would have four years ago. This was also a major contributor to the all time high water levels in the river.