Caroline Miota

LMCHS– Thursday, the 22 of February, will mark the completion of my first official week as a Lake Michigan Catholic High School student. Due to my unique position as the “new kid,” I have presented four high school students from each respective grade the question: what advice would you give me, the “new kid” about school at Lake Michigan Catholic?

Caleb Conklin, of the class of 2019, has attended Lake Michigan Catholic since preschool. He says that new student should try to start a good relationship with the teachers and ask them questions whenever they need help.

“it is a good idea to become friends with the teachers.”

The class of 2020’s Madeleine Johnston added that new students  should try to be active in the school.

“Include yourself in activities and clubs, while being open to try new things.”

Katie Sullivan of the class of 2018, had similar advice.

“Get involved in stuff to meet people and in turn be willing to explore your interests”.

Finally, Grace Craig of this year’s freshman class of 2021, also advices to ask for help when you need it and “get to know the teachers”.

As we head into the remainder of the 2017-18 school year, hopefully this advice will prove as useful and enlightening to you, the reader, as it did to me.