Nathan Janson

LMCHS GYM – As always, the competitive cheer team did an excellent job with the Winterfest pep rally on Friday, February 2nd. It was full of exciting events that got the whole school ready for the Winterfest basketball game against the Michigan Lutheran Titans, later that night.

The rally started off with a comical dance competition between two groups of senior boys that are on the boy’s varsity basketball game. The boys attempted to synchronize their silly dance moves, but were constantly stopping to look at each other to make sure that they were doing the same thing, making it even funnier.

Josh Fairbanks, one of the competitive cheer coaches, lead the pep rally. He called forth the next contestants for a relay race.

This race included four crazy parts to it, including a basketball crab walk, walking with a spoon with an egg on it in the contestants’ mouths, a dizzy free throw, and running to grab a flag and bring it back. The seniors easily took the win in this wild event.

Next on the schedule was something you certainly don’t see everyday, called junk in the trunk. It is not as gross as it might sound, but it certainly made some people wonder what on earth was going on.

The students had empty tissue boxes attached to their lower backs that were filled with ping pong balls. To win, the students had to shake their bodies to be the first one to get all of the balls out of the boxes.

After that was the hula hoop race, which required a great amount of teamwork. The participants made a circle, while holding hands, and had to get a hula hoop from one end to the other, by passing it through their legs and arms.

This left only one more event remaining; this was a class versus class tug of war, in which students from each grade attempted to out muscle the opposing class. The seniors were able to win this game also, beating the sophomores in the final round, who had easily taken down the junior class.

Lastly, was the famous spirit chant, in which each class tries to show their spirit is stronger than the others. The seniors won again, without out a doubt, yelling far louder then all of the other classes.

This year the competitive cheer did a great job with the pep rally bringing out tons of school spirit in almost every student. This was perfect leading up to the big game that night, in which the Lakers beat the Titans easily in, partially thanks to the amazing school spirit shown by the passionate Lake student section.