Sarah Jannings

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- Last Friday LMC students received their first snow day of the school year and sophomore John Mansfield received his first ever snow day!  John and his family moved to St. Joseph Michigan all the way from Stockbridge, California due to the fact that his father is Lake Michigan Catholic´s own new High School theology teacher.

John saw his first snow ever on the high school leaf raking day this school year, during the fall.  John had seen plenty of snow over winter break, but last Friday was his first ever snow day!

¨I was really excited and it allowed me to sleep in and catch up on sleep and have my first snow day.  Having my first snow day was kind of all based on sleeping in more and that I didn’t have to wake up and go to school.¨

For Mansfield with it being his first ever snow day, it meant a lot more to him and in his opinion snow days are all about getting more sleep.

¨I slept in until about 11:00 a.m. on Friday.  I went over to a friend’s house and played some games and got sleep and I watched the Olympics.  My first snow day wasn’t really as exciting as I thought it would be and it was more casual and laid back.¨

The weather is definitely very different here in Southwest Michigan compared to the weather Mansfield experienced back in Stockbridge, California.  It’s probably not an easy change, but Mansfield is learning to adjust.  

¨I thought my first snow day was a lot of fun and I enjoy the snow, but I don’t necessarily prefer the winter weather here in Michigan.  I´m used to the snow though since we had a lot over winter break.¨

All the students received a three day weekend considering the fact that the snow day took place on a Friday.

¨It was great having a three day weekend and having a special unplanned weekend for no special reason was even better.¨

Since his time spent in the winter season of Southwest Michigan Mansfield has taken up snowboarding and many activities in the snow.  

¨I basically enjoy every snow activity like snowball fights and playing in the snow.  I´m looking forward to having another snow day, hopefully soon, and I’ll probably sleep more and go snowboarding more since I’ve only really snowboarded twice in my life.¨

All the LMC students, especially John Mansfield, are looking forward to another snow day and soon!