Sarah Jannings

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- The LMC JV boys basketball team played a fast paced game on February 6th against the Countryside Cougars in the LMC House of Noise.  The game began at 4:30pm and the starters for the night were freshman Jake Jozwiak, Chas LaSata, and Matthew Rochefort along with sophomore Jake Koenig and junior Michael Markoch.  

The Lakers came out strong with Jozwiak scoring the first two points of the game.  The Cougars however didn’t let that shake them and the Lakers gave up an easy jump shot to the Cougars.  

Both teams played decent defenses and were taking lots of drives to the basket.  The Lakers took many shots that just didn’t make it in, but they recovered with great rebounding.

Jozwiak was leading his team for the most offense and defense rebounds along with scoring another two points for the Lakers.  Both teams battled hard with great post moves and LaSata made an excellent jump shot.  

Jozwiak ended the first quarter will a great post move for another basket, but sadly at the end of the first quarter the Cougars were ahead by two points.  Both teams came out determined at the start of the second quarter, but the Cougars definitely showed improvement on their rebounding.

The Lakers press was tough to beat and Markcoch along with Max Allen for the Lakers had great steals helping their team out tremendously by being aggressive.  Koenig scored a beautiful three pointer and the crowd went wild!  

Wilkin Latham  got his own offensive rebound and two points with Rochefort soon following with two points as well.  The first half of the game ended with the Lakers ahead by two points.  

The Lakers were  rebounding well, but their shots just didn’t seem to be going in.  The Lakers came out strong at the beginning of the second half with Koenig with a great outside shot.  

¨The negatives during our game were we couldn’t make shots that we have been making like under the basket shots and layups,¨ said Jozwiak.

Markoch pressured the ball and got a steal with an easy lay up.  The Lakers picked up their intensity on defense along with great passes and jump shots on offense.  

¨We are getting more comfortable with the ball and making more shots and we are developing more as a team on defense and offense,¨ said Jozwiak.

Countryside besides the fact that they only had six players on their JV team played hard and were able to keep up their speed and quickness.  

Countryside began to take more fast drives to the basket that the Lakers should have been able to stop, but failed to do so.  The Lakers still strong however gained more points by Jozwiak with an amazing move and shot in midair along with Markoch with a wide open three pointer.  

Koenig ended the quarter with a three pointer making his shot a buzzer beater with the crowd and his team going wild!

The fourth quarter began with tough defenses by both teams and neither team was able to score in the first two minutes of the quarter.  Terrance Allen for the Cougars drove hard to the basket making it difficult for the Lakers to stop him without getting fouled.  

The Lakers defense weakened because of this, but they began to have nice passes and shots on offense.  Jozwiak, Latham, and Markoch picked up the speed and made plenty of jump shots keeping the Lakers in the lead.  

The Lakers played tough defense and did a great job trapping the Cougars while full court pressing.  Koenig kept the Lakers in the lead by making all four of his free throws when he got fouled twice.  

The final score was 49-42; a wonderful win for the Lakers.  The JV boys have their next game against the Bridgman Bees on Thursday February 8th which will definitely be a tough game for the Lakers.

¨I think we need to get better passes and we need to work on our defense because Bridgman is really good.  My favorite part about playing basketball at LMC this year is probably the team because at my old school it was just one or two guys that did everything and now it’s the whole team ready to go in and play together,¨ said Jozwiak.
The Lakers will have to continue to work as a team and play intense defense along with structured offensive in order to play a good game against Bridgman.  The season for the Lakers is winding down, but they hope to end the season strong.