LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL – One of the biggest staples of Winterfest is the hallway decorating done by the students. This year the hallway theme is sportsmania, each grade was assigned a different sport to dress up as and decorate their hallways.

The seniors’ sport was football, the juniors’ wass soccer, the sophomores had baseball/softball, and the freshman had basketball.  This year there wasn’t an outlier on who had the best hallway.  They were all decorated pretty closely.

The seniors decorated by hanging football jerseys and footballs from the ceiling.  They also hung streamers and drew some banners that expressed the spirit of laker football.

The juniors apparently really like the jersey idea because they hung jerseys, as well.  They also put up banners that looks like a soccer field and a soccer net.  The juniors were very creative in their use of teacher’s headshots on cut out referees.

The sophomore class used a lot of streamers and balloons.  There was also quite a few baseball shaped lanterns and a couple of banners, one that was homemade and the other that was a Detroit Tigers sign.  

The freshmen hallway was very thoroughly decorated according to the theme. Basketballs and things of that nature were everywhere.  The most noticeable of everything were the giant basketball things hanging off of the walls and the giant banner hanging overhead.

Out of all the hallways there always has to be one that is the best; senior Katie Sullivan believed that it was the seniors.

“I’d say the seniors had the best hallway because even though we weren’t really prepared, we were able to put together something really good.”

While there was some controversy over whether or not the theme this year was good or not, freshman Jenna Cutter really liked it.

“I think that the theme is really original and I like having basketball.  We could mess around with High School Musical and Troy Bolten.”

Everyone really put in the effort this year to make the hallways look good.