Jack Janson

LMCHS-  In 1997 Netflix was founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. Ever since then their company has become a very popular way to watch shows and movies. Also, Netflix has begun creating its own shows that have become popular.

With all of these shows and options, many people begin to wonder, which show should I watch. After taking a toll of the Lake Michigan Catholic High School students I was able to form a list that might help you find the show you’ve been looking for.


  1. Grey’s Anatomy: This show takes place in a medical hospital and focuses mainly on a female surgeon, Meredith Grey, who struggles with her social life within the hospital. This medical drama received 6.1% of the schools votes out of all shows on Netflix which put it at the number five spot.


  1. Family Guy: A classic animated comedy that tells the story of Peter Griffin and the adventures of his family and friends. First airing on January 31st, 1999 Family Guy quickly became popular among kids of all ages. Although it can sometimes be a little inappropriate, this show is a good one for those mature enough to handle some of its crude comedy.


  1. Stranger Things: Made clear in its title, this show is for sure abnormal, but it’s also a crowd pleaser. This show consist of two seasons that tell the story of four young friends who get mixed up in an unfortunate situation. One of the four kids goes missing after being attacked by a monster that escaped a lab in their area. Stranger Things tells the story of their journey to find their missing friend and destroy it. In their journey they realize many more strange things before they are able to get their friend back again. Stranger Things was able to place third with 10.6% of the votes.


  1. The Walking Dead: If you’re looking for action this is your show. The Walking dead is an ongoing show about a zombie apocalypse. The main character Rick Grimes, struggles to stay alive while dealing with social and physical problems. As he leads his group of survivors to stay alive he loses family and friends on the way. As a leader, he is forced to make very important decisions that affect the entire group. This show got 12.3% of the votes.


  1. The Office: This hilarious show focuses on a paper company’s office filled with characters of all sorts. Like the simpsons this show was created by Greg Daniels. There’s not much to say about the office other than it is hysterical and if you own netflix, this show is an absolute must see. With more than double the votes of The Walking Dead this show easily placed first with 27.3% of the votes.