Sarah Jannings

UNITED STATES-  Air Force firefighters are now using a new system called PyroLance which is a firefighting “gun” that can blast through steel, brick, or concrete walls, and even bullet-resistant glass.  The hand-held device uses a mixture of pressurized water and granite material to pierce a six millimeter-wide hole through obstacles.  

Once the ultra-high pressure spray penetrates the surface and water is released inside the enclosed surface it lowers the temperature from around 1,500 F to 200 F in less than a minute!  

¨I believe they can help in natural disasters. Getting into collapsed buildings to save people trapped can now be done easier and faster,¨ said freshman Andrew Glotzbach.
This new invention will help to reduce firefighters’ exposure to intense heat, deadly backdrafts and toxic smoke environments which can lead to tragic outcomes if not handled properly.

¨The water guns will save more lives, safe money, take less time for firefighters to use, and there will be less damage to the buildings.  However they will be really expensive and there will probably be malfunctions,¨ said sophomore Emily Lage.

These water guns will help save the lives of many people caught in either small or massive fires and definitely impact our world in many positive and negative ways.

“These water guns will help because it will help the firefighters get to the people faster.  Yes it will be very helpful and will save more lives of people caught in fires around our world,¨ said freshman Joe Kissane.
Every new invention makes an impact on our world and this invention will be useful to not only firefighters, but also to the armed forces and people who risk their lives everyday in dangerous situations to help others.