Michael Markoch

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- For the second time in two months, the LMC boys varsity team defeated rivals Michigan Lutheran by over 25 points, winning by a final score of 59-26.  This time, the win came on Winterfest night, a time for fun and celebration at LMC.

The starting lineup for the Lakers was once again all seniors: Corey Seager, Connor Christensen, Tommy Koenig, Tanner Nutting, and Zach Rogers.  The boys were ready from the get-go, opening a 10-0 lead in the first quarter.  Christensen scored ten of the teams’ first thirteen points and finished with a team high of 19 points.

The Lakers played suffocating defense all night, keeping ML out of any rhythm that they might have found.  LMC closed out the first quarter on a buzzer-beating three-pointer by Kyle Juza, by then the Lakers were rolling.

Juza was honored to hit that shot.

“It felt great; words could not describe how I truly felt to hit a buzzer beating shot, but at the end of the day I’m just thankful for having my LMC family and my team to support me and get hype over just one shot as a former starter to being a player coming off the bench.”t

The second quarter was similar to the first, the Lakers dominated for the most part except for a few defensive slip-ups to end the half, but even though the end wasn’t great, Seger sent the House of Noise into a frenzy with the Lakers’ second buzzer-beater of the half with a three as time expired.  

Seger would add 14 points for the Lakers, trailing only behind Christensen.  The Lakers led 36-14 at the break.

The Lakers opened up a forty-point lead in the third, leading 57-17 at one point.  Being up by that much, LMC pulled the starters one by one and the bench unit got some good playing time in the game.  

Rogers expected the game to be a big win for the Lakers.

“Tonight’s game got very physical and ugly on the court and it also went the way I and everyone else expected it to go which was a blow out.”

The buzzer sounded and the fans went crazy as the Laker boys ended Winterfest week with a bang.  With the win, the Lakers swept the season series against the Titans and moved to 8-1 in the BCS White and 10-3 overall.  Michigan Lutheran dropped to 2-6 in the BCS White and 3-9 overall.

The boys have a quick turnaround as they will take on Countryside Academy in the House of Noise on February 6.