Tim Kessler

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC – Every year, the LMC students wait in anticipation for their annual Winterfest, which is packed full of fun events for the students to participate in. This year the Freshman class council hosted a fundraiser called ¨ Sports Mania.¨

The highschool students were required to pay one dollar for admission and they were allowed to participate in a barrage of games in the gymnasium.  Many students decided to attend because they were allowed to get out of their afternoon classes for the occasion.

To start the event off, the freshman council hosted a large game of volleyball, those who did not wish to participate sat up on the bleachers to watch the game.  Although many people sat out, there was still a great amount  of students playing as well.

The second game the students played was dodgeball.  The seniors and the sophomores played against the juniors and the freshman.  The hectic game went on for about 15 minutes with the senior and sophomore team winning in the end.  

The event was very successful and many students were happy with their experience. LMC freshmen Jake Jozwiak said ¨ I enjoyed missing out in my afternoon classes so I could play dodgeball.¨

Overall, The Freshman class council raised 73 dollars which is a good profit because it didn’t cost anything to host the event.  I know that many people were happy with Sports Mania and it was very enjoyable.