Sarah Jannings

AUTONOMOUS CARS- It’s the first step toward a massive shift in its business, moving away from selling cars to customers to selling rides in autonomous cars.  The profits per car could be big because electric cars will eventually cost less to make and since they don’t use gasoline they will cost less to run (The Verge).

All of these factors should bring down the cost enough to make the service much more attractive to customers than today’s motor vehicles and services.  If there’s one topic that gets a lot of attention lately in the media, and in general health and wellness discussions, it is how to make the roadways safer (The Guardian).

There are thousands of automobile accidents each year and they mainly happen due to the fact that people are distracted while driving.  In the past few years, as a result of the number of traffic accidents plaguing the country and the devastating injuries and fatalities that result from them, a greater push has been made in the sphere of technology to make cars safer, drivers more aware, and accidents less likely (CNN Tech, 2018).

¨I feel like the future of transportation in America is going to be much more advanced, but it might not be as safe.  I think self-driving cars will have both a positive and negative impact because some people might like it and some people may not,¨ said freshman, Logan Fairbanks.

  The reality is that safe autonomous cars really aren’t that far off.  Some people think they will help the future of America while others feel they will destroy it.

¨I´m both nervous and excited for the future of transportation of America.  I´m excited we are developing a lot and these self-driving cars will prevent crashes.  If there´s a malfunction in the car you´ll get to see it happen and not be able to do anything about it.  It’s scary,¨ said freshman, Kaela Groppel.

The autonomous vehicle industry has taken steps to increase comfort and understanding of the disruptive technology. Waymo, the self-driving arm of Google’s (GOOGLE) parent company, launched a campaign last year entitled “Let’s Talk Self-Driving” to educate the public about the vehicles (CNN Tech, 2018).

¨Self driving transportation is a no go.  A machine won’t think to save five people in a car, it will go off track, save one person outside the car, and then kill more people in the process.  If people aren’t careful with these cars they will get hurt,¨ said Andy Conklin, an LMC freshman.

¨I wouldn’t trust technology because I just don’t trust self-driving cars at all.  I still wouldn’t trust them no matter what people and companies said they were good,¨ said freshman, Celeste Herrera.

The autonomous vehicle industry has taken steps to increase comfort and understanding of the disruptive technology.  Perfecting the autonomous cars is in process and it should be very interesting, exciting, and for some nervous to see what the future of transportation has in store for all of us.