LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- Public schools versus Private schools!  It has been a debate that rages in lunchrooms and living rooms all around the world.  What makes small private schools better than large public schools?  

In my opinion, there are seven valid points that can be stated and explained to support just why small private schools are better than large public schools.


First Point: Smaller Classes

Having smaller classes benefits a private school in many different ways.  The smaller the class size, the better the average student performs on academic achievement tests. Teachers can control their classes more easily due to a smaller number of students and they can  make sure their behavior is in line. The teacher’s availability to speak and help each student directly is greater than that of a public school.  Teachers will likely be listened to more closely while teaching if there are less distractions in their classroom and having a smaller number of students helps to decrease any distractions in a learning environment.


Second Point: Smaller School

Size matters!  Students that attend a small private school will most likely receive higher tests scores compared to those who attend larger schools.  Student achievement is also greater in the small private schools than in the larger schools.  At a small private school, teaching can become more fun, satisfying, and the teachers can teach more effectively and keep their students moving in a positive direction.  Students can develop a trustful relationships with their teachers which, in this case is necessary in order for the students to learn and grow successfully.


Third Point: Environment is like a Family

At a smaller private school, everyone knows everyone.  Students, parents, faculty, and staff can develop strong relationships with each other.  When problems arise everyone knows who to contact and the issue can be discussed and handled in the proper manner.  At a small private school when there is that family environment the students are more likely to thrive as leaders and learners because they feel safe and they are surrounded by people who they know they can trust.  Having that sense of security for the students is crucial for their life long development throughout their school years.


Fourth Point: Money for Tuition goes towards a Great Cause

Private schools cost money and sadly, most of the time it isn’t cheap.  Some people tend to focus on the fact that the money that families pay for their child’s tuition doesn’t go towards anything and why pay for a student to go to a private school when it costs nothing to send them to a public school?  The money that the families of the students pay for their child to attend a private school goes towards many great things!  This money helps provide the school with heat, air conditioning, money to pay the teachers, faculty, janitors for their services, and overall to make the school the best learning environment possible for each and every student.


Fifth Point: Don’t have to try out for Sport Teams and Clubs

At smaller private schools any student that decides that he or she wants to join a sport or club can join!  Naturally, this is due to the school having less students compared to the larger public schools, but it is great that everyone who wants to join is allowed to join!  When students are involved in sports and clubs they learn how to become better leaders, work as a team, and make many new friends along the way.  It gives them something to talk about with their friends, which makes them feel important.  Students develop many important life skills when they face the challenges and difficulties that can arise on a team or in a club.  Students learning how to handle those problems in the correct way with the help of others before they graduate high school will help them tremendously when it is time for them to go to college or get a job.


Sixth Point: Leadership Opportunities are Available

At a small private school there are leadership opportunities available in many different areas of the classroom and in extracurricular activities.  Students have the chance to become a class officer, officer of a club, captain of a sports team, and even a teacher assistant!  This is not only a great experience for a student, but it also will look great on their college applications.  Holding a leadership position sometimes forces someone to step out of their comfort zone and develop new qualities of themselves that they never even thought possible.  Colleges like to see that students are involved in activities outside of the classroom and being a leader makes them stand out even more.


Seventh Point: Judgement Free Zone of what you Wear

At a private school there is most likely to be a dress code.  At public schools there is a lot of competition about who has the nicest clothes and most brand outfits.  At a private school all that judgement and competition is taken away.  Everyone feels equal to one another because they look the same and the worry about who looks the nicest because of their clothes is completely taken away.  Students are already under enough stress and not having to worry about what they are going to wear to school that day can save them plenty of time.  Dress codes can result in less bullying, drama, and gossip.  Students can feel more accepted when they don’t have to worry about as much about how they look.


Small private schools impact the educational world and the lives of students who attend them in a positive way.

¨I prefer a private school and I think it helped me make closer friends and develop closer relationships with all of my classmates.  I can be friends with the upperclassmen because I know them all through sports and seeing them so often throughout the day,¨ said freshmen Jenna Cutter who has been attending LMC throughout her whole life.

Freshman Jake Jozwiak who just switched to LMC this year from a local public school has a different opinion.

¨Something that makes larger schools great is the amount of people you get to see.  In this school I´m in the same class with the same people all day, which is fine, but I liked getting to see some of my friends earlier in the day and my other friends later in the day.  

Switching from a public school to a private was not a giant change for me because my last school was also a small school only it was public.  I do think that being in a small school is also more organized than crowded public ones.  

Smaller schools I think flow more efficiently than public schools do, and I also think it allows the students to grasp a subject and understand it better.¨

Small private schools impact the students that attend them in many different ways, not only in their learning environment, but their friend circles as well.  Small private schools give students the opportunity to be treated as an individual and not just another person in a crowd of people, which in our world today is very important for a student´s development.