Lake Michigan Catholic High School- The week of Winterfest has fastly approached this year with a sporty theme, Sports Mania to be exact, and with this theme all of the students are dressing up accordingly.


DAY ONE: Comfy Day

To start the fun week of activities, the LMC students had a comfy day. Dressing in their favorite sweats, or even pajamas it was the perfect way to start the week off. It was a great way for students to relax while they decorated their hallways for the Sports theme. The students were not the only ones looking cozy though, some teachers dressed down a bit in jeans so that they too were comfortable. In sum, everyone had a great day and was comfortable too.


DAY TWO: College Day

Tuesday, continuing with the Sports theme, students were able to wear clothes pertaining to their favorite colleges. A large percentage of the school wore Michigan State attire, though Notre Dame and Michigan supporters were also seen often throughout the day. An exciting afternoon planned for the Lakers will have those dressed as rival schools going head to head in games of dodgeball and volleyball for the Sports Mania event, an excellent way to end the second day.


DAY THREE: Dress Up Day

Wednesday for the high school, middle school mass, everyone wore their Sunday best. Girls wore sweaters and dresses and guys wore dress pants and nice shirts. Father Harry Potter gave the mass for the school and all other parishioners in attendance. The Middle school still had to wear the their uniform, but everyone in the High school looked very nice all day.


DAY FOUR: Theme Day

Thursday the high schoolers and the middle schoolers both got to participate in the Theme day. High schoolers all wore outfits pertaining to their theme; Seniors had Football, Juniors had Soccer, Sophomores had baseball/softball, and Freshman had basketball. The grades represented their themes well and middle school got to relax in something other than a uniform for the day.  


DAY FIVE: Extreme Spirit Day

For Friday, students did their best to go extreme with their school spirit. By wearing LMC t-shirts and colors, students represented the school and welcomed the fifth grade to the middle school/high school for Laker to Laker day. The week finished out with a pep rally where students from all grades got the chance to participate followed by the big game and the winterfest crowning. A good time was had by all throughout the course of the week and students cannot wait for next years winterfest.