Ashley Herrera

THE WORLD- With the new year coming in and new challenges taking place like the Tide Pod Challenge, it makes you wonder about the weirdest challenges people do. \With many young teens wanting to do these fun and some even dangerous challenges we bring back all the top challenges throughout the years.

There is an increasing number of challenges for you and your friends to do and have fun like the Ice Bucket Challenge, the Bottle-Flipping Challenge, and the Floor Is Lava Challenge.

With all these fun challenges there also includes the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge is where teenagers insert their lips into a small jar or bottle. They then suck out all the air creating a vacuum, and once they are done the hope is for them to have pouty lips like Kylie Jenner.

Another weird challenge is the Cinnamon Challenge where you have to film yourself eating a spoonful of ground cinnamon under 60 seconds. With this challenge, you aren’t allowed to drink anything and you have to upload the video onto the internet.

With all these weird challenges there are some fun challenges to do with your friends like the Ice Bucket Challenge. The Ice Bucket Challenge is where you take a bucket of ice and water dumping it over a person’s head.

Also, like the Floor is Lava Challenge where you would image the floor is lava and someone shouts out “The Floor Is Lava” and you can not touch the ground. The people who play in the game have ten seconds before they die to find land and not touch the ground.

Another challenge is the Bottle-Flipping Challenge where you throw a plastic water bottle, that is filled or half filled. Where you throw it into the air trying to make it land upright on bottom side. You have to try to get as many flips as you can straight in a row and if you want to make it more challenging you can try capping it and making the bottle land on the cap.

Cynthia Wang, Sophomore, has never heard of these challenges and tries the Bottle Flipping Challenge and here is her opinion.

With all these fun challenges there are even some harmful ones like the Fire Challenge where you take a flammable liquid to your body and then setting the flame on fire. When you do this challenge you have to be video recorded, you then post it on social media.¨

Another dangerous challenge is the Salt and Ice Challenge where you pour salt on your bodies, normally on your arm and the place ice on the salt. The challenge is if you can last the longest with the ice on the salt which is creating a burn.

With the newest most dangerous challenge is the Tide Pod Challenge is where you take a tide pod that is made of laundry detergent. People record themselves eating these tide pods until the soap bursts into your mouth. With this challenge, there can cause many severe injuries even death with these three challenges.

With all these fun challenges there are still many challenges that can cause advanced injuries and even in death. While doing these challenges have a parent with you doing these challenges and be of caution.