Tim Kessler

ROSE CENTER –  Every other year the Lake Michigan Catholic Freshman, along with the 8th graders, have a Career Day. Popular comedian, Craig Tornquist, performs a one of a kind show for the LMC students that is packed full of valuable life lessons.

Career day is one of the most important days during the school year for the young LMC students. Tornquist teaches the students what to do and what not to do in highschool to lead a successful life .

The students gathered in the local Rose Center, sitting in their chairs, anxiously waiting for the program to start. The students were previously told of who they would be viewing and were thrilled to be in the presence of such a well-known person.

Tournquirst came out in front of the students with an energetic and and positive personality. He introduced himself and got to know the classes through a few brief questions.

After an hour of comedy and activities with Tornquist the students received a 35 minute break for lunch.  

Many of the students were sharing their opinions of the show with their classmates during lunchtime.  Lake Michigan Catholic freshmen, Chas LaSata, says, “ I really appreciated Craig for taking the time out of his day to come and talk to us; it was quite an exciting experience.”

The Students finished their brake and traveled back to the Rose Center for another hour of excitement with Tornquist.  The final hour of the show was the most exciting in the opinions of many and most students say they would go again.

Overall, the LMC students really seemed to enjoy Tornquist performance and the valuable lessons for success he brought with him.  The LMC freshmen and the 8th graders were truly grateful that Tornquist came and they would like to see him again.