Michael Markoch

HOWARDSVILLE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL- On January 19, 2017, the Lake Michigan Catholic varsity basketball team took on Howardsville Christian on the road.  The starting lineup for the Lakers was all seniors:  Corey Seger, Connor Christensen, Tommy Koenig, Tanner Nutting, and Zach Rogers.

This was a huge game with conference implications and a huge test for the experienced Laker team, and they delivered with a 69-55 win.  Seger led the team in scoring, but once again, defense won this game for LMC.

Coach MacCart had three things he wanted to see in this game.  

¨We wanted to prevent Jergens penetration, rebound, and take care of the ball.¨

The team did a great job of controlling the penetration as Howardsville star point guard, Dylan Jergens, who was averaging over 30 PPG, was held in check and frustrated all night, only scoring 23 points, which threw off the Eagles´ offense.  

Trailing late in the first half, the Lakers battled to pull within 6 points of the Eagles, making the score 34-28 at the half.  At the end of the half, senior Emilio Quattrin made a layup and took a hard foul and had to leave the game with a head/neck injury. This gave some extra motivation to the Lakers in the second half.

MacCart thought that the play gave the team a nice spark at half.

¨Emilio finished strong against pressure to cut out deficit to 6 at half, it was a great play that we got at the right time.¨

The Lakers came out of the half and took the lead in the third, but with a few unlucky breaks, Howardsville was able to regain a seven-point lead.  

Then the tables turned in the fourth quarter as the Lakers caught some breaks themselves and Seger took over to help the Lakers pull away late for the 14 point victory.  

Coach MacCart made sure the team stayed focused despite the adversity.

¨I told the guys they had to maintain their focus and play with confidence, they did an excellent job of not letting things get out of hand.¨

This win put LMC in the driver’s seat in the conference and left them in good position to win the BCS conference once again.

The Lakers next game will be on Monday January 22 at River Valley High School against the Mustangs.