Ashley Herrera

ATLANTA- On January 8, on that Monday night at the championship game with the University of Alabama playing against the University of Georgia. President Trump makes an appearance before the game took place, he was said to have been criticizing the football players for kneeling during the national anthem. As the national anthem was playing Trump place his right hand over his heart after the anthem has ended he headed to the security for a private box.

Trump’s appearance before the game caused a protest with the players on the field saying how he didn’t like the players protesting back to him for kneeling during the anthem. Earlier that day, Trump brought up the subject of the players kneeling during the anthem. He was giving a speech to farmers in Nashville, bringing his frustration of the players during the N.F.L games.

Trump kept saying to the chants of the U.S.A how he wants our flag to be respected and the national anthem to be respected. He continued saying how there’s plenty of space for people to express their views and to protest. When Trump entered the field at the game he made no remarks to the college football fans.

Trump’s appearance in the game brought much attention to the audience and the critics to watching the game. Many of the critics were saying how there was much attention on why president trump came to protest about the players kneeling. Charles S. Bullock III, a political who attends the University of Georgia who didn’t attend the game.

He expected the game to be about the players and not Trump’s appearance and criticizing the players. There were many thoughts about Trump’s unknown appearance to the game and of how he criticized the players and talked about them to respect the anthem. When the players on the field kneeled during the national anthem.