Tim Kessler

UNITED STATES – Earlier this year people across the country took part in popular challenge known as the “The Tide Pod challenge.” Many people record themselves eating Tide Pods and uploading it to social media apps all across the internet.

The popular cleaning brand, Tide, first released their famous “Tide Pods” in February of 2012.  These pods became popular due to the fact that they were an easier solution to laundry detergent.

Instead of measuring out a certain amount of detergent, users will  throw a pod into the wash, simple as that.  Not until till 2016 was the Tide Pod Challenge becoming popular.

The original challenge is completely different from today’s challenge. The Tide brand challenged a series of famous figures to get their favorite clothes as dirty as possible and see if a Tide Pod could clean it.

These celebrities posted their results online and the Tide Pod Challenge became viral very quickly.  Tide gained a lot of popularity from their smart advertising and soon, tide pods were in many more households across the country.

It wasn’t until Early 2018 that the Tide Pod challenge returned, but it surely wasn’t what we all expected. Many people were in shock as they got on the internet to see thousands of videos of teens consuming Tide Pods and calling it a “challenge.”

There have been numerous reports of poison control being called and trips to the hospital.

LMC freshman, Andrew Glotzbach, says, “It’s natural selection at work, all its doing is killing all of the stupid people.”

Tide Pods are not meant for human consumption whatsoever. The anatomy of a tide pod is very simple but also very dangerous.

Tide Pods contain various different chemicals that are meant for either cleaning dishes or clothing items, not for eating. If one does decide to consume such item, then their body will react in an unkindly manner, you could compare it to drinking laundry detergent.

Many people have consumed these pods thinking it would be a funny idea to show to their friends, but before they knew it they wound up inside the emergency room.  Some small stores in the U.S have taken action by locking away their tide pods.

In conclusion, consumption of tide pods is not the best idea and you will most likely end up in a hospital if you do decide to eat one.