Laker Cheer Takes Coloma

Laker Cheer Takes Coloma

Katie Wertheimer, Reporter

COLOMA, MICHIGAN– Monday, January 15, the Laker varsity cheerleading team took the mat at Coloma high School and competed in only their second meet of the season. There were many struggles, but in the end, the Lakers pulled through.

Throughout the previous week, the team faced some difficulties that had the potential to botch the entire meet for them.  They even went as far as changing most of their tumbles and stunts in round three due to a time issue as well as a week that only included one practice with the entire team present.

Though many would have pulled out of the meet, the Lakers decided to take the mat any way. They hit a few speed bumps but beat expectations when it came to their performance.

In the first round, jumps, motions, and formation changes are presented. The girls got a fairly high score considering they had some penalties for timing and taking the mat too early.

In round two, the ladies had some spacing problems, but were able to do well in the round. They even made it through while hitting all of their skills, a problem they had also had just minutes before they competed.

In the final round, where most of their issues stemmed from, the team hit all of their stunts with only a few issues and came out fairly successful given the circumstances. They did have two penalties for going over the time limit and a debatable low cradle catch.

Their total score was 590.74. They got second place in their division and third place overall.

Head coach, Joshua Fairbanks, knew it wasn´t the team´s best performance, but has a firm belief that they are only going to improve.

¨ The Laker girls faced a lot of adversity going to the Coloma contest with having a short week of practices and last minute changes. However, this young group showed a great deal of heart and determination and pulled off a very solid showing. They will only continue to get better and we will have a real chance at reaching their season goals.¨
Base, Flyer, and tumbler, Lexi Braley, felt quite similarly.

¨I thought we did well in the first two rounds, but I was nervous all day for round three. We definitely worse and I know that we will improve at our next competition.¨

The Lakers will have lots of chances to improve with two more meets coming up during the week. Come support them on Wednesday, January 17, at Bridgman High School and Saturday, January 20, at Paw Paw High School.