Bj Jones

Atlanta, Georgia – The opening kick off was very exciting knowing you have two team that had to outwork a lot of talented teams to be at the National college football championship.

Alabama came in clutch with having to dual threats that can be aggressive at the same QB position which is #2 Jalen Hurts, and #13 Tua Tagovailoa.

Hurts’ performance matched his stats which were poor, only having 21 passing yards, 6 carries, and 47 rushing yards.

Tagovailoa performance was outstanding to be a freshman and his first time ever playing in a college football game.

Tua had 166 passing yards, in addition to 3 touchdowns, 12 carries, and 27 rushing yards and an over time touchdown passed to Devonta Smith to win the National Championship.

“I wanted Georgia to win, why? Because I think alabama is over ranked and plus it’s always good to see a underdog win”

Georgia on the other hand played until the lights were out, also having a freshman quarterback and veteran receivers to complete 79% of Jake Fromm passes.

Fromm had 232 passing yards, 1 total touchdown, two interceptions, and 15 rushing yards. Jake Fromm is who NFL scouts want to see on draft night.

The MVP of the 2018 College Football National Championship game was #94 Defensive linemen Da’Ron Payne leading with 3.3 tackles in the championship game.

Manny Insidioso-Tucker, senior, said,

“I Think they chose the correct player for MVP of the championship game, I really couldn’t say he hadn’t earned it”.

The game was well played by both teams;, they both fought hard for to be in the spot to play in front of millions of fans, but only one team could win the National Championship and Alabama Crimson Tide That took the National championship.