Michael Markoch

Seoul-  For the first time in over two years, North Korea and South Korea met on January 9th, 2018 to talk about the upcoming Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, as well as, the increasing tensions and worries about North Korea and their nuclear weapons.

The two delegations talked about the concerns with North Korea’s nuclear program in an attempt to improve the relations between the two countries.  During the meeting, North Korea agreed to not talk about the weapons with their neighbors, and telling them that South Korea is and never was the target for their weapons.

Junior Andrew Kim, who is from South Korea, was encouraged by the meeting and would like to have peace with North Korea in the future.

¨I think it was a good thing they met, I hope we can become more connected to North Korea and find peace after all these problems have occured between us.¨

North Korea accepted South Korea’s offer to attend the Winter Olympics, sending athletes and a high-level delegation to South Korea for the games.  The athletes from both countries will walk out together during the opening ceremony, as suggested by South Korea, to be a gesture of peace and unity.

Kim didn’t agree with this idea.

¨I think that because South Korea is already letting North Korea participate, I don’t see the point in walking out together, they are still two separate countries and should be shown like that.¨

There has been a thought in the past years of the North and South eventually re-joining as one Korean nation, and while that is very unlikely to ever  happen, Kim thinks that he would accept that in the future.

¨I would be ok with re-joining with North Korea because the people there are not treated right because of their leader, Kim Jong-Un, and I want to help them get out of this terrible situation and let them experience what I’ve had living in South Korea.¨

These longtime rival countries took the first step to peace among them, and we can only hope that other steps are taken to keep the relations peaceful between the two countries.

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