Sarah Jannings

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- The LMC JV boys basketball team played an intense game on January 9th against the River Valley Mustangs in the LMC House of Noise.  The game began at 6:00 pm and the starters for the night were freshmen, Matt Warner and Nate Green, sophomore Jake Koenig, and juniors Will Latham and Michael Markoch.  

Warner won the tip and Latham made an easy first two points.  Warner, still strong, received a great pass by Michael Markoch, LMC junior, bringing his team another two points.  

River Valley came out with a determined attitude with their #25, Jacob Barbour, gaining his team the first two points.  With 2:13 left on the clock in the first quarter the score was tied 9-9.

Latham received his first foul on River Valley’s #0, Levi Strauss, who missed his first free throw, but made his second.  Warner made another basket just three seconds before the buzzer rang, which lead to the end of the first quarter.  

As second quarter began, the Mustangs refused to back down.  Barbour, an excellent shooter for River Valley, came out with a three pointer.

Matthew Rochefort, LMC freshman, refused to let that get to him and gained two points on a fast drive around River Valley´s defense.  Rochefort got a nice grab off the press with a deep pass to Warner, providing him with an outside shot on which he made.  

Fouls were called for both teams on #40 Lennon Lange for the Mustangs and Markoch for the Lakers.  They both did an excellent job of making both their free throws.  

Rochefort, still on fire, blocked one of the Mustangs player´s shot right under the basket.  The LMC student section which consisted of the Varsity boys basketball team at the time began to cheer and the crowd went wild!  

Rochefort attempted a three pointer, but missed.  Barbour was by far the best player for the Mustangs for he had great control over the court and his shots were going in the basket along with bringing his team many points.  

Tyler Montgomery for the Mustangs put up a three pointer which ended up going in and the Mustang crowd was very pleased.  Rochefort, still not willing to back down, blocked another one of the Mustang´s players shots!  

The LMC student section with the Senior boys stood up and went wild for Rochefort was working hard defensively all the way up to the end of the first half of the game.  River Valley was leading at the end of the second quarter and both teams headed to their locker rooms at halftime to  discuss and make a plan about how they would both come out ready to win by the time of the third quarter.

Latham was aggressive, but gained his fourth foul and his coach decided to make him sit out for awhile.  Barbour for the Mustangs played an amazing third quarter.  

He made a three pointer while soon following another basket right around Warner.  River Valley picked up their intensity and speed; they weren’t about to back down for the chance to win.

Barbour for River Valley got fouled and made his second free throw.  Barbour drew a foul once again and made his second free throw.  

The Lakers refused to give up and were still trying hard even though Barbour was obviously causing the team some difficulty.  Rochefort took another attempt at a three pointer, with the rebound by Warner in which he scored.  

Warner was leading the Lakers with twelve points and Barbour led the Mustangs with twenty points at the end of the third quarter.   Both teams, still strong and fast, began the fourth quarter with excellent ball handling and intense defensive skills.  

Latham was put back in the game fired up and ready to play, but he got hit in the mouth after trying to grab a rebound off the Mustangs backboard. The refs failed to see that he was injured, so for a few plays the Lakers played with four players on the court.  

He eventually got medical assistance after walking off the court while the game was still going.  Warner came back after not scoring for awhile and made an exciting fast shot.  

The seconds were ticking by and both teams were determined to play harder than ever.  Markoch made a three pointer for the Lakers, along with Barbour for the Mustangs.  

With a 1:30 left on the clock, the Laker coach called a time out.  

¨During the game we did a good job rebounding.  We worked hard and had fun even if we didn’t win.  We need work on boxing out and stopping the three point shooters.  

We´ll get better by practice and we´ll keep doing the same things we are doing to stay good at what we do well already.  Our communication needs work, but everything will get better with practice,¨ said Rochefort.

The Lakers played hard all the way to the end, but sadly there was no way the game was going into overtime after Montgomery made a basket for the Mustangs.  The final score of the game was 52-48 a win for River Valley, but definitely a close and intense game for the Lakers.