Seth Collins

FANCIEST SCHOOL IN TOWN – Hello everybody, it’s your favorite fashion boy, Seth “Dapper” Collins, and I’m here to spread all of my beautiful knowledge of all things fancy, snazzy, funky, trendy, spiffy, and spaghetti. Just kidding, spaghetti is a food. Yummy! To make this easier for me I’ve decided to do a list of top five clothing items that are really hip and happening right now at LMC (aka Stylish High).


  1. Coats are in this season!  You better believe it baby! This is one of the most booming trends in our school right now.  As you walk through the halls you’ll see almost everyone wearing them.  Don’t miss out on this one! Who could have seen this one coming? Not me. I promise, and I’m not a liar. As LMC senior, Katie Sullivan, says,

“We wouldn’t wear coats if they turned the heat up.”


  1. Cool Kids wear Khakis: Boy Scouts, Arthur the aardvark, boring old men.  Everyone knows that anyone not wearing these trendy trousers is a total square. You heard me, a square! Internationally esteemed cool kid, Katie Sullivan, loves this clothing item.

“They’re terrible, I hate the color and the stains stand out so much. On the flip side, they are comfy. They feel like pajamas.”


  1. Catholicism.  This one’s new! Although it is kind of an underground trend, the word on the street is, people are getting into it. Katie Sullivan, real life person and world famous trumpeter, is one such person.

“It’s kinda crazy, everyone in our school claims to be Catholic, except for Will McCoy.”


  1. Spaghetti. Yummy. Stellar human being and conasuir of Italian cuisine, Katie Sullivan, had very strong opinions on the matter.


  1. Polos.  The number one spot is a bit of a throwback, but with a twist.  Now, here I need to make one distinction, we’re not talking about any ordinary boring “abercrombie” or “american eagle” polo. No, we’re talking about something new, unique, and most of all, rad.  LMC’s all new signature polos, complete with our very own LMC anchor, which is apparently our logo (not to be confused with the cross with the book and torch on our website and banner). I give these snazzy new polos a rad out of ten. As senior and queen of fashion, her highness, Katie Sullivan, so eloquently stated,

“Any color looks great with the neutral khakis. It even looks good inside out, ask Addie Peters.”


So there you have it. Cool? Cool. Glad we’re on the same page. Have a wonderful life and may all your allergies be swiftly cured.

“The questions you asked me for this article have been the most stressful part of my week.”

-Katie Sullivan