Michael Markoch

UNITED STATES- It’s that time of year again, when basketball players nationwide are looking for the kicks they will sport for their respective basketball seasons.  Below is the rankings of the top ten basketball shoes for the 2017-2018 basketball season.  

Criteria for the list includes materials for game use, mixed along with overall looks.  Guard and big shoes  were not taken into account for this list this is just the 10 best shoes overall and agreement is not necessary.  Number 1 may surprise you (hint: it’s not Nike).  Enjoy!


#10- Adidas D-Rose 8- Price $139.99- These shoes remind me of a classic Adidas shoe. The look is similar to other basketball shoes by Adidas, but it is the materials that help this shoe make the list.

Pros: BOOST FOAM! Possibly the best thing Adidas ever created for shoes; it lays along the base of the shoe for a nice bouncy feel.  Support given around the ankles is another positive.

Cons: The zipper technology Adidas tested had mixed results, the traction isn’t awful, but you could do better than these if traction is important to you.


#9- Nike Lebron Soldier 11- Price $129.99-  Obviously, as the name states, these shoes are a Lebron James original. The all velcro design makes these shoes the most unique ones on the market.

Pros: The velcro gives great ankle support and the support on the bottom of the shoe is fantastic.  Don’t let the velcro fool you, this shoe is nice and tight to your foot.

Cons: The traction is shaky at best, not a good fit for guards who need to make quick cuts and the fit won’t match some sizes.


#8- Nike Kyrie 3- Price $119.99- Nike has came out with some great shoes for Kyrie and the third installment isn’t different; with a sharp look, making it a nice shoe overall.

Pros: The traction is amazing as guard shoes should be, fit all feet, support and ankle lockdown are good as well.

Cons: The cushion is weak, Air Zoom foam in the heel but that’s it but the weak cushion isn’t a deal breaker.

#7- Under Armour Curry 4- Price $129.99- The first and only UA shoe on this list, the Curry 4 continues to amaze. While I don’t like the overall look of this shoe, the materials make up for it.

Pros: Solid support up near the ankles.  Ventilation from the top very comfortable shoes to play in.  Traction is on the higher end of the scale.

Cons: Very futuristic look that I don’t like that much and the cushioning is weak for the bottom of your foot.


#6- Nike Kobe 11 Elite- Price $159.99-  Once again, Kobes are a good choice this year. Maybe some of the most popular low top shoes available, Kobes have been great shoes just like the great player Kobe was.

Pros: Very comfortable cushioning.  For a low top shoe the support locks down your ankle, even for the big men.

Cons: Inconsistent traction and the fit can be a little bit off.


#5- Nike PG1- Price $109.99- Paul George’s first ever signature shoe doesn’t disappoint, very solid shoe with laces and velcro and a clean look is very nice for their price.

Pros: The velcro on the toe helps lock down your foot and traction is pretty good overall.

Cons: Doesn’t fit wide feet well, better for guards with narrow feet.


#4- Air Jordan XXXII- Price $184.99- These shoes just came out and look amazing. Made for Russell Westbrook, the shoes are kind of heavy, but  are one of the better Jordans.

Pros- The Flyknit on the top is good for ventilation and the materials make the shoe look great. Traction is one of the best in the Jordan series.

Cons- Cushion is ok, and wouldn’t be great if you like your shoes snug on your foot.


#3- Adidas Dame 4- Price $114.99- The new signature shoes for Damian Lillard have a nice sharp look to them and are one of the best shoes out there.  A late release, but easily the best brand for that price.

Pros: Traction is like glue, will stick to everything.  Fit almost any type of foot.  Unlike other shoes on this list, I like the futuristic look of these shoes.

Cons: Less bounce foam in the sole that does not supply the best cushion, but the cushion is still better than most.  


#2- Nike KD X- Price $149.99- The top Nike shoe of the year goes to the KD Tens.  These shoes are a typical example of a Kevin Durant shoe and you can really envision him playing in these, absolutely fantastic shoes.

Pros: Max Zoom Boost gives great cushion for your feet and Nike aced these shoes with Flyknit and ventilation. Overall they are very comfortable shoes to play in.

Cons: Traction is weak, wide-footers beware, you may want to go down a size.


#1- Adidas Crazy Explosive PK- Price $149.99- Easily my top shoes this year, with a modern yet classic appearance.  The high sock is sweet and it’s so much fun to play in.

Pros:  Traction is great as long as used indoors.  Boost foam all throughout the shoe gives a great bounce to your play.  Shoes adapt to you and are lockdown in support.

Cons:  The sock is a blessing and a curse, the shoes are difficult to get on, but once you do it’ll be worth it.


I know I must’ve committed a crime by not putting a Nike shoe number 1, but Adidas is on the rise in the basketball shoe market and shouldn’t be ignored.  Nike will always have great shoes and may one up Adidas next year, but this year Adidas is the king of basketball shoes.


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