Jack Janson

NORTH KOREA: On October 6th, 2006, North Korea tested their first nuclear missile. Ever since then they have continued to improve their missiles, building a nuclear program that is known around the world.   

They have launched 5 other nuclear test since 2006 (CNN) and some have come close to the Japanese coast. So they’re testing missiles over and over, but why?

In 1991 the Soviet Union fell, greatly affecting North Korea because of military relations between the two countries. Because of this Kim Il-Sung decided to start producing nuclear missiles to help protect North Korea from anti-communist countries, such as the United States.

Kim Jong-il came into power in 1994, after his father died, and he continued the nuclear program, testing two missiles, including the first in 2006 and the second in 2009. Kim Jong-il’s time as dictator was fairly short concluding with his death in 2011. (Fox News)

After that, the young Kim Jong Un, present day dictator of North Korea, took power. Since then a total of four missile test have taken place. This current leader is obviously very eager to enlarge his program, and he also takes pride in what he is doing.

Recently he boasted about how their latest missile, the Hwasong-15, could carry a very heavy warhead and had the potential to reach America. (CNN)

President Donald Trump of the United States of America recently went to Asia to address this situation. Around the world it is being viewed as a threat and a problem.

Countries around the world have taken steps by cutting off trade of resources such as petroleum and natural gas.

Also the U.S. has positioned defensive rockets in South Korea, in case an attack does take place. These defense units would target the missiles in the air and destroy them. Satellites monitoring the countries actions would quickly inform the United States if a nuclear weapon is launched.

LMC ninth grade student, Maggie Tidy, shared with us her thoughts on the situation, “I do not fear them because by the time the nuke got near our country the U.S. could shoot it down.” She continued to say that we should handle the situation, “By telling them they need to shut down their nuclear program or else we will invade their country.”

However, many other people in countries closer to the action fear the risk of what might happen. Many schools in Japan have installed nuclear missile drills in preparation for an attack.

Whether we like it or not, the North Korean nuclear missile program is growing and their weapons are becoming more dangerous. What is to come of this whole situation is not clear yet, but the longer we all wait to take action, the more powerful North Korea’s nuclear weapons will become.