Tim Kessler


LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC – The LMC JV girls basketball team played ML Thursday night at 6:00 pm in the Laker’s “House of Noise.” The starters for LMC were Leah Brucal, Grace Craig, Kaela Gropel, Wendy You, and Katrina Cordes (all freshman).

The game started out at a fast pace with LMC’s Gropel winning the jump ball, but they ended up turning it over within seconds. The ML Titans played aggressively with quick and sharp passes to the post and wings.

The Lakers began to foul quiet a lot down low in the paint causing the Titans to be on the line.

The first quarter ended with ML in the lead 22 to 0. LMC’s coach Joe Jarvie went over plays and defensive layouts between the quarters and encouraged LMC to try their hardest.

The second quarter looked promising to the Laker crowd, but the outcome of the game became obvious later on. The second quarter played out like the first, LMC had 16 turnovers by half time and many of the players lost the enthusiasm to finish out the game strong.

By the time half time came around the score was 35 to 0 with ML in the lead. Both teams headed to their locker rooms during the ten minute half time break.

As the third quarter started up Michigan Lutheran came out stronger than in the beginning, completely locking down the Lakers. They kept this up throughout the whole third and fourth quarters, until the final buzzer sounded.

By the end of the game the the score was 59 to 2 with the Michigan Lutheran Titans walking away with the win. The only person to score was Katrina Cordes with a layup late in the 4th quarter.  LMC Laker Leah Brucal says “ We tried are hardest and we defintly improved from our last game at New Bufflao.”

Overall, the ML Titans beat the LMC Lakers and got to take home the win with them over Christmas break. The LMC Lakers will need continuous practice and hours of hard work to come back from this defeat.