Evan Brown

HOLLYWOOD – Last week, the Disney corporation made an offer to purchase film and television assets owned by 21st Century Fox. It has now been confirmed by Disney that they are in negotiations and are hoping to have a result by Thursday of this week.

NOTE: At the time this article was written, the deal had yet to go through. At this point in time, the deal has gone through. However, the points made in this article still stand.

While I firmly believe in Disney’s capabilities to create solid film and television, and I enjoy most of their content, this is a massive change in the movie industry as we know it.

If this deal were to go through, the Disney corporation would obtain 30% of the film market, which is a record setting amount.

Disney already has certain demands in place when they distribute their movies. If a theater wishes to play a Disney movie, they must meet these demands. Furthermore, if the theaters don’t meet these demands, Disney will block these theaters from playing any of their films.

While these demands are not outrageous, there are times when theaters cannot meet them. This can be due to budgetary reasons, time constraints, or previous contracts.

With the Pixar, Star Wars, The Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Muppets, and countless other properties, if a theater can’t play these movies, that drastically hurts their profits. Events like that could easily put them out of business.

That is only the case right now, if this deal goes through, Disney would wield even more power. There are not may studios in Hollywood and completely eliminating one would economically hurt the movie industry worldwide, not to mention the creative side of things.

There are hundreds of thousands of good scripts and projects that float around Las Angeles, never getting produced due to steep competition. The film and television industry is cutthroat. If you eliminate an entire studio that shuts down so many creative possibilities.  New and innovative films are rare and this just decreases our chances of getting them.

So many movies that come out today are bland and forgettable, thanks to a studio not wanting to take risks and produce new and original properties. A big studio like Disney doesn’t have to take risks; people will see their movies regardless.

Losing a big studio like Fox lessens the chances of beautiful and original films. When Vince Gilligan pitched his hit tv show, Breaking Bad, he pitched it to countless studios before it was picked up. Breaking Bad is hailed by many as the greatest television show of all time. This is a prime example of why the monopolization of studios is bad for the creative world.

Fox has brought some of my favorite movie to the big screen.  Pulp Fiction, Kingsman: The Secret Service, The Fantastic Mister Fox, Logan, Star Wars: A New Hope, and Die Hard. These are all films that were risky to produce, but the outcome was always a phenomenal film.

I do not see Disney as a company that would take such risks. Disney is a business that is family friendly. They almost exclusively make movies for children and young teens. With all the money they already have, they would almost certainly not take a risk and produce something outside the box and different. Films that are different never make as much money as cookie cutter films, and with Disney’s profits as high as they are, they wouldn’t even need to take those risks. They could make bland kids movies for decades and never lose a cent.

Thus far, I have only touched on the potential changes this would make to Hollywood and the movie industry. I have yet to touch on how television would be changed. Not including all the local Fox news stations, Fox owns hundreds of television stations, including news and sports stations. Disney owning this would change the television of the world forever. I also haven’t mentioned the potential loss of jobs that would result from this deal.  

Overall, I firmly believe this deal would negatively affect the quality of movies the world will see for years to come.