Sarah Jannings


LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC GYMNASIUM – The LMC JV boys basketball team played an exciting first game on December 4th against the Eau Claire Beavers in the LMC House of Noise.  This year the JV team roster consists of seven freshmen, three sophomores, and three juniors.  

The team includes Chas LaSata #10, Max Allen #12, Timothy Kessler #14, Michael Markoch #20, Jacob Koenig #22, Nathaniel Green #24, Matthew Rochefort #30, Jake Jozwiak #32, Andrew Kim #34, Wilkin Latham #40, Matthew Warner #42, Jonathan Jollay #44, and Brian Ha #50.  Their head coach is Tyler Haske and their assistant is Coach Hoover.  

The game began at 6:00pm  and the starters for the night were Matthew Warner, Matthew Rochefort, Jake Koenig, Will Latham, and Michael Markoch. Warner got the jump ball and the game began with an intense start.  

LMC almost immediately scored, with Latham making the first shot, followed by Eau Claire with a basket.  Eau Claire only had six players, but that didn’t affect their overall performance, even at the end of the game.  

The lakers did a great job on boxing out and grabbing the ball aggressively, but some fouls were received.  Latham led the end of the first quarter with ten points and Warner in second with six.  

The second quarter began with the original starters on the court.  To start off the quarter, Rochefort took his first attempt at a three pointer and made it.  The crowd went wild, but the lakers stayed focused.  

Warner immediately made two easy points for he was wide open when the ball was passed in under the basket.  Allen got fouled and missed both free throw shots for the lakers.  

Eau Claire began to catch up, playing with more determination than ever.  Number 13 for Eau Claire was on fire with 14 points.  

The last minute of the quarter was extremely fast paced with the end score being 29-27, the beavers only two points behind.  Latham led with twelve points along with Warner now at ten at the end of the quarter.  

Both teams came out strong from the locker room warming up with some all around shots.  The starters for the third quarter were Warner, Latham, Markoch, Allen, and Koenig.  Markoch began a great start for the lakers with a three pointer.  

The lakers were taking a big lead at this point, leading 40 to 27 with 4:57 left in the quarter.  Koenig played strong as the point guard and got his first two points at 2:47 left on the clock.  

The LMC JV didn’t give up while the Eau Claire beavers were starting to wear out.  The team played aggressively, but Latham gained two fouls while Warner continued to be the leading scorer with 18 points.  

For the last few minutes of the quarter some new players came in for LMC.  Rochefort got two points along with Chas LaSata in the last eight seconds who made a three!  

“Everyone did well, but we need to improve on not giving the ball away, free throws, and jump shots.  It helps to have a tall guy and we get more playing time compared to middle school,” said Warner.  

The next game for the JV boys will be against New Buffalo on Thursday December 7th.  “New Buffalo will be tough, but we will continue to work hard and practice,” said Warner.      

The final score of the game was 60-39; a great first game for the Lakers.