Melanie Kibler

THE WORLD – Everyone knows about popular sports such as basketball, baseball, football, and soccer, but how many people can say that they are part of weird sports.  

People may even know some popular weird sports such as underwater hockey, quidditch, and competitive arm wrestling.  Those do not count as the “weirdest sports,” to be the weirdest of the weird they have to go above and beyond in weirdness, that is what we are focusing on today.

The least weird of the weirdest sports is shin kicking.  This is exactly what is sounds like, two people kick at each others shins until one of them falls over and the other is declared the winner.

Next is sepak takraw, also known as kick volleyball.  It is almost exactly like volleyball, but with one catch, players can not use their hands.  They are allowed to use every other body part as long as it isn’t the hands.

Another very odd sport is fireball soccer.  This is a game of soccer that is the same, but with a flaming soccer ball, which is made out of coconut fiber and doused in kerosene.  Surprisingly there are very few people that get hurt in this sport.

One particularly strange sport is chess boxing.  This consists of 11 rounds, where the contestants alternate between playing chess and boxing.

The second weirdest sport on this list is wife carrying.  The objective of this game is for a man to carry his wife through an obstacle course and get the fastest time out of the competitors.  

The weirdest sport that is played today is extreme ironing.  People take ironing boards and try to find the most intense place to iron their clothes.  Some of the craziest places people have been ironing are while climbing a mountain, while skydiving, and underwater.

What could make these sports better you may ask?  Imagining our school’s student athletes participating in all these different sports.  For each sport two students have been voted on for being the most likely to participate in these sports.

The two students who are most likely to participate in the sport of shin kicking are Caleb and Andy Conklin.  They seem like the type of people who would purposely go into a contest to kick another person in the shin.

Two LMC students who would most likely participate in sepak takraw are Elena Proos and Hattie Lathem.  They have have played soccer and volleyball before making them the perfect candidate for this sport.

The two students who would probably play fireball soccer are Nathan Janson and Kathleen Krieger.  They are both good soccer players and would have the guts to kick around a flaming soccer ball.

The choice for who would play chess boxing was difficult, but the two students who were picked are Will McCoy and Katie Sullivan.  They both are smart people who seem like they wouldn’t mind punching someone.

The two members of the student body who were chosen for wife carrying are Tommy Koenig and Evan Brown.  These two just seem like the type of people to carry their wives through an obstacle course.

The two students that seem most likely to participate in extreme ironing are Bailey Siglow and Andrew Glotzbach.  Both of them are fun and adventurous, which is perfect for this sport.

These are the people that we here at Laker Journalism think would participate in these sports, but if you have better ideas leave a comment below.