Michael Markoch

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- Last year the Lady Lakers’ season was a struggle with a young team, and it ended with an opening round exit in districts vs Lawrence.  The team was made up of mostly juniors last year, but this year those girls are seniors and expectations are high.

Coach Jarvie came back after taking a break from coaching for a few years and the girls were very excited to hear he was coming back.  The team played hard and had some nice wins, but also some tough losses.  

This is Jarvie’s second year in his second stint as coach and the girls are ready to give it another go.  With a deep senior class and motivation to get back to the Lady Lakers’ basketball status of years past, the girls should do well this year!

Who’s Gone: Absolutely nobody!

Who’s Back: If nobody left, then everyone is back! The Lady Lakers return all 5 starters: Katie Sullivan, Addie Peters, Jamie Tidey, Frannie Valenziano, and Emily Lage, along with pieces off the bench like Anna LaSata, Adriana Nerio, Sarah Milanowski, and Elena Proos.

Who’s Coming In: The team is adding sophomore Hayden Starr this year, she participated in competitive cheerleading last year but had basketball experience prior to this year.  She is fitting in  well with her teammates and the team is impressed with the ability and skill she adds to the team.

Team Goals: Unlike the boys the girls aren’t stressing going on a huge run, they are more focused on getting better this year and leaving something special for the underclassmen.

Final Projections: I say the girls make it to the district finals this year, but come up short. They have experience and are hungry to win, so they even could possibly win the whole thing, hopefully they can prove me wrong, I would welcome being wrong in this case.

Good luck to the ladies this year, hope you girls have a great season!