Seth Collins

METROPOLIS – The DC Comics super hero entourage film “Justice League” was released in cinemas nationwide on November 17, 2017.  This film was highly anticipated after the success of the “Wonder Woman” film, which was released earlier this year.  

Going into this film I was skeptical to say the least. Overall, my general boredom with the superhero genre due to the bland predictable structure it has taken on, along with the quality of the previous films, Suicide Squad (Poo-icide Squad more like), and Batman V. Superman: Dawn of This Movie Sucks, led me to have very low expectations.

While this film was not the worst I imagined it could have been and certainly remains a better film than Batman V. Superman and Suicide Squad, it was by no means a quality work of art. From an uninspired insubstantial plot, to a slew of CGI mishaps, most elements of Justice league were nothing short of juvenile.

Before I go into specifics of the abominable blunders, I will mention a few things that I did enjoy from this film.  First off, I found the character of Superman delightful, harming, and refreshing.  In order to achieve a lighter tone for this instalment of the franchise many of the characters were scripted quite differently than in the past. This worked particularly well for Henry Cavill’s Superman since it turned the previously angsty lost puppy into the inspiring caped crusader we all know and love.

Another aspect worth applause is the casting of this movie.  Despite shoddy scripting, the characters of Aquaman, Cyborg, and Wonder Woman, were remarkably entertaining.  I for one would have been satisfied with the entire being centered on the story of Cyborg.

Now that being said, this movie is not without its flaws.  By that I mean that it is mostly made up of flaws.

First off was the CGI atrocities throughout the tedious journey of this film. Most noticeable was the clear evidence of reshoots such as cheap green screen and choppy screenwriting.  

Next was Superman’s upper lip.  Superman actor, Henry Cavill, underwent filming for Justice League at the same time as for the new Mission Impossible sequel, in which his character, unlike Superman, has a mustache.  Both of these films were being produced by Warner Bros and to remedy this issue the executives decided to remove the natural mustache in post of Justice League.

Not only is it inherently more difficult to remove facial hair using CGI then to add it, but also Justice League, having gone through massive reshoots, it was on much smaller time constraints than the Mission Impossible film.

Beyond the subject of editing issues, this film is still far from perfect.  The villain, Steppenwolf, was a boring, grey, CGI monster, with no interesting motives.  

The script was atrocious.  Though most of the actors cast were able to make the terrible dialogue enjoyable, the low quality of the script was very evident when delivered by the more charismatic actors and especially so by the less charismatic actors.

Now I could go on and write about the poor structure, lack of consequence, and overall monotony that represents problems with the greater superhero genre in the modern day, but I’m too tired for this.  Justice League broke me.  Thanks.  You’re welcome.