Sarah Jannings

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- The Lake Michigan Catholic Lakers and the Bridgman Bees High School tennis teams will be co-opping with one another for the first time ever for this 2018 tennis season.  Mrs. Siglow, the head coach of LMC tennis team will now officially be the head coach of the LMC and Bridgman co-op team, along with Mark Ficks, Bridgman’s head coach from their last season, who will now be acting as assistant coach for the team.  

Mark Ficks is a tennis pro at South Shore, so he will be a great asset for fine tuning the girls’ serves and strokes.    

“Mark Ficks, Bridgman’s head coach, approached me during last season and asked what I thought about co-oping for the next season. Bridgman did not have a full team last year but LMC did. I knew we were going to lose one senior that year and five in the year following that, so I thought it would be a great idea. I really want to keep the tennis program going at LMC, especially with the success we had during the 2017 season and going to state,” said Coach Siglow.

This will definitely bring about many new changes for both teams, their coaches, and the schools.  Not only will the girls have to learn to work together as a whole team, but also there will be some important decisions made on their uniforms and the game locations.   

“We will need to get new uniforms so the two teams match. The two schools will have the same color top and skort but we will have the LMC anchor on ours and Bridgman will have the Bee. We will also purchase t-shirts that will be our “team” shirt. The girls from both schools will design it.  We will also be playing a few of our matches in Bridgman. I will find out more details when the season gets closer,” said Coach Siglow.  

The co-op between the two teams will effect the overall team in many different ways during both the practices and the games.  

“I really believe this will have a positive impact on our 2018 season. Since I have been coaching we have had a great relationship with Bridgman. It will help having more girls to practice with also. That way the girls aren’t hitting against the same people each day,” said Coach Siglow.

Many new challenges and decisions will arise because of this co-op between the two teams, but it will hopefully have a positive impact and be an exciting experience for every player and person involved.