Jack Janson

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- This year the Lake Michigan Catholic debate team was started up by high school English teacher, Mrs. Simmons. Although, because of this, the forensics team was ended.

Because it is only their first year in debate, the team is more just dipping their feet in the water. They do not participate in an official league but they have attended three competitions.

In their competitions students from many other schools attend. Also, there are judges at each competition to determine the score each student earns for their debate.

Students are given particular topics for them to give their opinions on.

“For our first season it was pretty good.” said Freshman member Jon Jollay. “I think next year we will do really well because we will be more prepared.”

Jollay was also able to finish tenth at one of the competitions. He said he likes debate because “It teaches you how to argue”, which he says, makes him feel better prepared about arguing in the future.

Jon wasn’t the only person to receive an award, Leah Brucal received a trophy in honor for being a presiding officer.

“It’s not as bad as people think” says Brucal. “It helps open up ideas about the different topics.

Next week they will end their season with one last competition. Students from L.M.C. are welcome to join the club again next year when the team hopes to improve their skills even more.