Sarah Jannings

NATIONAL MUSEUM OF MEXICAN ART- The freshman went to the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago this past Tuesday, the 21st of November.  They departed from Lake Michigan Catholic after morning prayer and got on the bus with their spanish teacher Profe, who was the planner of the field trip.  

“The purpose of the field trip is to expose the student to authentic artifacts of the Mexican Culture. In this field trip we connected with Día de Los Muertos Celebration, (Day of the Dead), through pieces of Mexican art that exemplified the meaning of their tradition. It is a way to bring to real life what we have learned in the classroom, via various methods, such as videos, songs, a documentary, and readings,” said Profe.  

The freshmen enjoyed a ten minute tour by one of the American speaking tour guides at the museum.  Their tour consisted of many diverse exhibits that embraced the true Hispanic culture, not just from Mexico, but around the world was well.  

Some exhibits were meant to symbolize what something would look like, while others were actual memorials or tributes to people or events from the Hispanic culture.  The museum was full of actual artifacts from the ancient times and magnificent altars dedicated to the dead, who some even influenced the city of Chicago.  

After their tour the freshmen got the chance to visit the museum’s gift shop and a private part of the museum full of a beautiful artwork such as sculptures, drawings, artifacts, and paintings made by many talented artists.  After the freshmen class finished up their time at the museum, they went to eat lunch at a local Mexican restaurant in Chicago.  

Everyone received chips and salsa as their appetizers, which they shared with their group of friends in which they sat by.  For the main meal the freshmen received a chicken taco and quesadilla made right at the restaurant.  

The food was still delicious and warm, besides the fact that when the freshmen entered the building the power immediately went out.  Luckily, it came back on about half way through the freshmen’s time spent at the restaurant.

The freshmen also received, at their request, either regular ice cream (the flavors of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry,) or fried ice cream, which all had a cherry placed on top of them.

Overall, the freshmen seemed to struggle on the long bus ride to and from Chicago, but besides that fact it was a great way for the students to get out of the classroom right before Thanksgiving break and experience a glimpse of the diversity of the Hispanic culture.