Adriana Nerio

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC – Every morning, Mr. Gerald Heath, principle of Lake Michigan Catholic, gathers the high school and middle school in the cafeteria for morning prayer and announcements. However, every Friday there is a twist.

Mr. Heath sets a certain challenge for both middle and high school students. These challenges are new to Lake Michigan Catholic Middle and High School. Some of the challenges were holding hands during prayer, complimenting others, finding three facts about a student who they have never talk to, and more.

These challenges are made to bring together the LMC family. Mr. Heath believes that it can also bring us together in a fun manner.

¨These challenges can bring the students together as a family, students can get caught up their own world and this reminds them to treat others how they would like to be treated.”

With these challenges comes a goal for the students. At the end of the year, Mr. Heath has set a goal for his students to be kind and spread the meaning of what being a Laker is.

According to Mr. Heath, after 11 weeks of school, these challenges have made a difference in the student body at Lake Michigan Catholic. He has seen respect for others more and welcoming new students.

He has also seen a stronger knowledge of community service within the students; several of the football players read to elementary kids and help a man at his house in doing yard work.

Not only are there challenges for students, but Mr. Heath was considering challenges for teachers. Currently they are having team meetings where teachers talk about the basic Catholic Social Teachings and how to make kids who are feel excluded  fit in.

Deb Schmid, guidance counselor at Lake Michigan Catholic, is all for these challenges that bring the students together. Schmid believes that these challenges are a clever way to build school spirit, help students live their faith, and give the students guidance to be christ like.

These challenges have influenced the students of Lake Michigan Catholic with these challenges. Other ways Lake Michigan Catholic influences students into being more kind is by hanging signs in hallways and classrooms.

Over all, Lake Michigan Catholic has done many great and fun activities to spread kindness around the school.