Tim Kessler

UNITED STATES – LeBron James is one of the most well-known basketball players throughout the world and in my opinion, he is and forever will be one of the best players in our world’s history.

LeBron has participated in over 14 national championships and has scored over 28,000

Points.  He has won both the Finals MVP award and the Season’s MVP award multiple times and has won the Rookie of The Year award.  LeBron has been titled as one of the greatest players for many years to come and only until now is his throne being challenged.

An immense amount of hype has been gathered around 5 year NBA veteran Giannis Antetokounmpo.  Many people believe that he is the player to finally succeed in the dethronement of LeBron James.  

Unlike LeBron,  Giannis is no where near as know and has claimed a fraction of the amount of awards as LeBron.  But many people see the potential in Giannis and strongly believe he is the next player be named king.

Many people are wondering what sparked the idea that Giannis could overthrow LeBron, considering his stats. But the the rivalry was very obvious when The Cavs and The Bucks played against each other a few days ago.

Both LeBron and Giannis showed the heat between them. Both being tall people, the two stated a series of dunking and scoring in the paint frequently on each other.

I personally believe that LeBron will remain in his current position throughout the remainder of his NBA career. Though Giannis is a very good player, LeBron has proven himself to be the better player in my eyes.

Lake Michigan Catholic freshman Matthew Rochefort says

“I think both players are very talented, but I believe that LeBron will not be taken down by Giannis.”

Overall the feud between LeBron and Giannis will reveal its results later in the season.

Again, I believe that both are great basketball players but I still think that LeBron cannot be defeated.