Ashley Herrera

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THE WORLD- As winter is approaching, more and more people are discovering the IPhone X, and the issues behind it. The IPhone X is designed full screen coverage, with many new features including the new face ID. A new back sided camera, and many more features.

  The IPhone 8 came out a month ahead of the IPhone X. Although the fact of buying the new IPhone is the IPhone 8 is worth buying compared to all the features on the IPhone X, also a newer style.

The approximate amount of the IPhone X is nearly $1,000, compared to the IPhone 8, which is only the cost of $700. If you wanted to go and buy a new phone the first thing you would do is look the prices and the display of the phone. If you were to buy the IPhone 8, instead of the IPhone X, you would save $300 dollars.

On the IPhone X the new face scan isn’t really as protective of the phone as the fingerprint scan is. Another reason you should consider the IPhone 8 is that it has a faster supportive and wireless charging then the IPhone X. There are many differences about the two phones but with the features and prices the IPhone 8 is more preferred.

The IPhone 8 doesn’t have the “notch” at the top of the phone, compared to the IPhone X, which bugs a lot of people. If you have recently had the IPhone 7, the cases for your IPhone 8 would fit, so you wouldn’t need to buy new cases for the phone. Many people would actually much rather purchase the IPhone 8, instead of the IPhone X, dueto the prices and features.

The IPhone 8 is starting to get more and more purchases and users, rather than the IPhone X. Based on all the evidence comparing the two IPhones, it clearly shows too many people that the IPhone 8 is more preferred rather than the IPhone X.