Michael Markoch

UNITED STATES- Roger Goodell has been the commissioner of the National Football League since 2006 and his contract is expiring.  

As the rules state, the owners are responsible for giving him an extension, but some of the owners are timid to give it to him.  Jerry Jones, the owner of the Cowboys, is leading the charge to take Goodell out of his position as commissioner.

Jones said in a conference call for the NFL Compensation Committee that “the papers were drawn up” in giving Goodell an extension through 2024, but the most recent evidence shows that Jones has asked the committee to pull the papers back for changes, maybe even a cancellation of the extension.  

Other NFL owners were in shock that Jones would talk about the Commissioner like that, considering that the commissioner’s job is to keep order among the owners and now it seems as if he is driving the owners apart from each other.  

Why might Jones be doing this?  Most think that Jones is upset at Goodell for suspending his Cowboys’ star running back, Ezekiel Elliott, 6 games for domestic violence.  Jones stands behind Elliott saying that there is no proof he did anything wrong and that the suspension was uncalled for.

Goodell has said that he is willing to take less money on his next contract because he knows that some owners don’t want to guarantee him a lot of money for some of the policies he’s enacted.

“I’m willing to bet on myself,” Goodell said.  He trusts in the committee’s ability to get a deal done for him, no matter the challenges that come at him.  

Junior, Will Latham, hopes that the league will not be affected by this too much.

“It’s a very difficult situation that the NFL has because he’s been the commissioner for so long; it’s always a hard transition for a new commissioner to get into the swing of things if that is the case.  If he is let go, I hope they can find someone that can be as effective as he has been.”

Goodell has taken it upon himself to lay down suspensions and fines and act as the judge in violation cases.  Some owners disagree with this stance. They say that those decisions should be able to go through the owners and then be decided from there.

Goodell has extended the NFL’s fanbase internationally, hired full-time referees, and made the league more money in general, but that may not be enough, as he may be on the way out.


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