Jack Janson

ASIA- On Saturday, November 4th, President, Donald Trump, and first lady, Melania Trump, Landed in Japan to begin their twelve day trip in Asia. During this trip they went to a total of five nations including Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

During the trip, Trump addressed two major issues that included international trade and North Korea’s nuclear missile program.

Throughout this trip he and the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, seemed to go back in forth with insulting remarks towards each other and each other’s countries.

Also, during this trip Trump told the Asian countries that they should buy more military hardware from the United States. This would better protect their countries from threats such as North Korea and provide more jobs for the United States. During his travels the United States sold about $400 billion worth of these supplies to foreign countries.

In his visit to Japan, Trump was able to talk to Japanese and United States soldiers stationed in the Yokota air base. He talked to them mainly about the North Korean threat of nuclear missiles.

Next, he went to South korea where he attended a press conference with the South korean president, Moon Jae. Then, he gave a speech about his views on North Korea directing many parts to North Korea.

One of the statements he made was, “The weapons you are acquiring are not making you safer. They are putting your regime in grave danger.”

After his visit to South Korea, Trump stopped in China. While in China he attended a summit where he offered a new relationship with the eleven countries involved in the twelve nation trade impact, which Trump had withdrawn from earlier in his presidency.

Later, Trump visited Vietnam to go to another important international summit. This time he cancelled trade agreements such as the TPP.

Also, in his trip to vietnam, Trump was able to speak with Russian president Vladimir Putin about whether or not Russia meddled with the United States presidential election and Putin, of course, denied the question.

Finally, Trump visited the Philippines to conclude his trip. Here he discussed mainly drug dealing in the Philippines. Although we are not completely sure, it appears Trump may have discussed with Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte human rights in the Philippines. If they did discuss this it would have had to take place “behind the scenes.”

Donald Trump and his wife left Asia today, Tuesday November 14.  Trump says he will give a summary of his trip sometime this week.