Evan Brown

Lake Michigan Catholic – Baseball; it’s been America’s pastime since it’s creation in 1839, but there is one mystery that has evaded the eyes of the good American people. Why is the World Series, a tournament that takes place in the United States, called the World Series? So let’s go together on this mystical journey and discover the true meaning of…baseball? Probably.

As someone who doesn’t give a hoot about baseball, this shouldn’t bother me; however, as someone who has irrational and loud opinions about things that ultimately don’t matter,it infuriates me. So what is the answer to this curious quandary?

It is a common belief that the New York World Telegram newspaper sponsored the event, however, that is untrue. The actual reason is a matter of semantics. Barney Dreyfuss, the owner of the 1903 Pittsburgh Pirates, is credited with creating the name.

In 1903, The Pittsburg Pirates were the number one team in the National League and the Boston Red Sox were the number one team in the American League. Dreyfuss, wrote a letter to the owner of the Sox, challenging them to a “World Series Championship” and the rest is history. And that is why it is called the World Series. We did it. We figured it out together and became closer as a family.
As I previously stated, I dislike baseball. I find it to be unbearably monotonous; however, my opinion could be changed if the classic sport underwent some slight changes.  

I chatted with Christian Monconduit, a Junior and a baseball player, about what potential changes baseball could undergo.

I think owls should be included in baseball. They can hoot and turn their heads and they can fly. That would be quite helpful. They would have to wear bananas as part of their uniform just like everyone else. In my version of baseball, everyone has to wear bananas on their uniform. I feel like if owls got hit with the ball they would die. Owls would probably just sit there and say, Hoo there’s a ball. Hoo. They wouldn’t even catch it. Those lazy owls. The game would last forever. Maybe owls shouldn’t play baseball. We’ll never know”

I couldn’t agree more. Another change I would make to baseball is that I would somehow incorporate interpretive dance. I’m not exactly sure how, but mark my words, those players would be dancing.