Michael Markoch

MANHATTAN- On October 31, 2017, Islamic terrorist, Sayfullo Saipov, drove a truck down a busy bicycle path in Manhattan, killing 8 people and injuring at least another 11.

Saipov rented a Home Depot flatbed pickup truck and began his killing spree at approximately 3:05 pm ET.  Saipov traveled 17 blocks and among the 11 he injured, 3 are in critical condition, including himself after he was shot by a police officer, after exiting his car.

As Saipov exited his car he shouted “Allahu Akbar,” which means “God is great” in Arabic.  After the event he announced his loyalty to the Islamic terrorist group ISIS and that they were behind the attack, he even asked if he could hang the ISIS flag from his hospital room.

Saipov told the police that he felt good about the damage he caused.  He was planning on driving his truck down the Brooklyn Bridge and killing more innocent people, but he was halted after crashing into a school bus.

After the crash, the suspect came out of the truck holding what officials thought were two guns and people fled the scene rapidly, but one was a paintball gun and the other was a pellet gun, both of which can still severely injure a person.

Sophomore Ben Johnston was appalled by the events that transpired.

“It’s astounding how far people go to kill people for an ideology, he found out about ISIS on social media and really took to their beliefs.  He may have been an immigrant but we can’t say he wasn’t legal.”

US President, Donald Trump, responded to the event by saying that it was in fact an act of terror and it was performed by “a sick and deranged person.”  The suspect was found carrying a Florida ID and he rented the truck in New Jersey.

This is just another chapter in the attacks this nation has seen, coming on the heels of the worst attack in American history in Las Vegas, just a month ago.

Johnston had an idea on how to stop these attacks in the future.

“It all comes down to identifying these threats earlier than we have been and monitoring things a bit more closely so that they can be neutralized before, not after, they happen.”

No matter how this country plans on attacking these attacks, it should help stop the epidemic of innocent people dying due to other people’s beliefs.


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