Jack Janson

HOUSTON – You might have heard that the Major League Baseball World Series kicked off Tuesday night. This years contestants are the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Houston Astros.

In Tuesday’s opener the Dodgers took a one nothing lead at their home field. They won 3-1 and all runs scored were caused by home-runs.

The next game took place yesterday also at LA’s stadium but had a different ending. This time it was the Astros to take the W by winning 6-7.

The next game will take place tomorrow at Minute Maid Park, Houston.

So far this series is very tight. With the series being tied one to one there is no clear victor yet. The Astros, however, will have home field advantage for the next three games of the series.

My money on this world series champ has got to be with the Dodgers. With a nearly unstoppable bullpen containing their lethal weapon, Clayton Kershaw, they have a huge advantage on the mound. Also, shortstop Corey Seager is on fire right now with one homerun and four RBI’s he’s going to be tough to handle.

However the Astros are definitely going to give a strong fight with Justin Verlander and Jose Altuve absolutely killing it right now. Also, there is still no telling who will come in clutch at any random time during the series.

The next three games will happen in Houston. This is a tremendous advantage for the Astros and if the can just win two home games they’ll have it in the bag. That’s why it was so important for them to get a win back in L.A.

The Dodgers are going to need to come out strong and get on the board early tomorrow night just to cool the fans down and see what they can make of it. If the Dodgers get put up some early ones I think it’s game over.

It’s going to be a close one, there’s no question about that, but the overall it will come down to who wants it more. The team that can come back and push through tough moments is the team that’s going to break open the champagne.