Adriana Nerio

ST.BERNARDS FIELD – On Thursday, October 5th, the Lake Michigan Catholic boys varsity soccer team played against the toughest team of their league, Howardsville Christian. The Lakers played great and gave it their all, ending with a  final score of 4-4.

They have played against Howardsville Christian earlier this season, losing 4-0. But before this game the Lakers came out to the field focused and ready to play.

Mr. Joe Schmidt, boys varsity soccer coach, also felt ready and hoped to keep the game close. After kick off, the Lakers came out strong.

In the first few minutes of the first half the Howardsville Christian Eagles had scored. This goal did not bring the team down, the Laker boys continued to fight.

Soon after, Nathan Janson, Junior, had scored. The team and fans jumped to celebrate LMC’s first goal. The Lakers kept their energy up scoring two more goals, made by Andrew Glotzbatch.

For Glosbatch’s second goal, he was assisted by senior, Manny Insidiouso-Tucker. Allowing the Lakers to end the first half 3-1.

The second half of the was rough and intense for the Lakers. Both teams came out stronger and more physically tough.

As time passed the Eagles scored 3 more goals, minutes apart, leaving the score a tie. Within the last few minutes of the game, Howardsville scored but, the goal was revoked due to the offense being off sides. The last goal of the game was scored by Manny Insidioso Tucker leaving the game in a tie.

Insidioso Tucker, captain, was proud of his team and the effort they gave.

“We played very well, I felt that we had a chance during the game to be Howardsville but toward the end we fell apart”.

Coach Schmidt, was also very proud of his team and the outcome. They had played exactly how he wanted them to play. However, there were some issues that need to be addressed for the future.

He plans to work with his team in pressuring the ball and and finishing to score. Coach Schmidt believed that the offense was too comfortable in dribbling between his defense.

Some of the positives Coach Schmidt noticed, were stabilizing the game and how they took the lead in the first half of the game.

He also noticed, goalkeeper, Caleb Conklin, had played his best all year. He had amazing saves throughout the game.

This game was a tough and intense experience for the Lakers. Even with the tie against Howardsville Christian, the Lakers have recognized their weakness but also their strengths.