Jack Janson

CATALONIA, SPAIN – Catalonia is a wealthy area in Spain that has it’s own flag, national anthem, and language. It is a very important part of Spain’s economy bringing in 20 percent of Spain’s taxes and 25 percent of Spain’s exports. The independence of Catalonia is not likely, but it would impact Spain tremendously.

There are 17 autonomous communities in Spain. Each of the areas attend to their own government which is responsible for the communities health, education, and security.

One of these autonomous communities is Catalonia, which consist of four provinces. These provinces include Barcelona, Girona, Lleida, and Tarragona.

Three of these provinces are located on the coast of the Mediterranean sea. This allows  Catalonia to be Spain’s biggest tourist attraction. Another reason for it being such a tourist attraction is it’s all famous soccer team, F.C. Barcelona.

An economical reason for Catalonia’s separation is it’s responsibility for 20 percent of Spain’s taxes due to the wealth of the area. Some Catalonians see this as unfair because the taxes goes to other poorer places in the country. If Catalonia did separate, this could possibly mean less taxes for Catalonians and it would be a hard hit on the Spanish government’s income.

Taxes wouldn’t be the only problem for Spain. Catalonia is the producer of 25 percent of Spain’s exports.

About 90 percent of people in Catalonia want to leave Spain. Many of these people protest for the secession from the main country, but police from around the country were sent to help restrain the protest. Resent protest have resulted in dozens of injuries.

Although many Catalans would like to leave, it would be illegal for them to secede. Even if the people vote to secede it would take much more than a vote for the Spanish government allow their independence.