Tim Kessler

LAS VEGAS –  On October 1st, 2017, a gunman opened fire upon a crowd of over 22,000 people attending a Jason Aldean concert, a popular country singer. Over 59 people were killed and more than 500 were injured. I believe that something should be done about the control over militarized firearms.

This terrible event will go down as one of the most tragic mass shootings in all of modern US history. The shooter was Stephen Paddock, 65.  Many people that if he didnt have access the shooting could’ve been prevented.  

As of this moment, the reason behind the attack is unknown. Many people believe that this was an act of terrorism, but so far there is no evidence supporting this theory. Some people believe that the gunman was mentally ill and just snapped under unknown reasons.  

Some people are blaming the government for this shooting, saying it’s their fault and they need to issue a law based around firearm control. There are many mixed opinions around this controversy and it has been debated upon for years.

In my opinion, I don’t believe that anything should be done to change the laws about firearm ownership. Many people are strong supporters of the right to bear arms, the 2nd amendment.

Although I don’t support the entire removal of firearms to the public, I do agree that something should be done.  Lake Michigan Catholic mathematics teacher, Vashti Ward, says “ I believe that this was a tragic event and there should be some type of gun reform.”

I agree with Mrs. Ward in this case. The gunman behind this massacre wasn’t usually your typical 12 gauge or deer rifle, he was using military firearms. To obtain most these weapons you have to go through a training class and receive a license.

I do think that there should be some type of reform for these types of weapons. On the other hand, I think that the public should be able to own small handguns and hunting firearms.

Most mass shootings occur with tactical weapons, such as machine guns, so if these weapons are removed, then there will most likely be less shootings.

Also, if more people are trained and are carrying weapons for protection, the public will be safer overall. Now, one might say that with all these guns circulating throughout our country it will be more likely for criminals to get guns.

This is true but again, most criminals acquire their guns illegally, so it will be harder for people to get militarized weapons. Many people think that getting rid of all firearms will prevent attacks like this from happening again; however,  events like these can and will happen no matter what you try to restrict or prevent.